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Behavior in and out of school is just as important as test scores!


Business & Social Etiquette Courses

"Defining Manners" helps individuals capitalize on their human potential. We are uniquely qualified to handle group training or individual coaching, and specialize in confidence-building programs for children, teens, adults and business professionals that are informative, fun, interactive and sprinkled with historical perspective. Classes, courses and seminars are custom-built to suit specific needs and designed to accommodate the discerning business professional in their unique work environment. We hold copyrights to workbooks and instructional materials from The International School of Protocol.

Business Professionals Increase Their Profits

One of the most overlooked facets in business is that success is built on relationships. Although you may offer a superior product or service, without business etiquette in areas of courtesy and respect you will lose the customer to someone else. Up to 85% of job success is related to people skills. Many hirings, firings and promotions are often based on manners and etiquette. It is the most effective way to assure that you maintain your client base while attracting new ones.

At "Defining Manners," we teach a polished professional presence with manners that sell. We help individuals and businesses learn to apply powerful principles that fuel relationships and create a professional image that not only reflects positively on the employee, but ultimately on the reputation of the company. Our training courses have the added benefit of increasing employee moral and most significantly, contributing to the bottom line of profitability. If you and those who represent you aren't practicing business etiquette, then you are losing customers every day!

Children & Teens Benefit from Civility Training

Civility training helps students develop new life skills, create a positive impression on others and make friends more easily. Negative behaviors become positive actions when children practice skills that generate respect and good will. They learn how to manage their school and social environments effectively by knowing how to resolve misunderstandings, conflict, anger and frustration without losing control.

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Studies have shown that individuals are more receptive to etiquette instruction when it comes from an outside source. Contact Jill Evans Kryston today to see how she can customize a program to suit your needs or those of your employees, customer service team, students or children.

"Defining Manners" has the resources you'll need to make a "defining" difference when you learn how to use the ultimate tools for success.


“Bringing Back Civility, One Person at a Time” is the mission of both Defining Manners and The International School of Protocol, www.schoolofprotocol.com


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